Kotlin Reflection Recipes

Kotlin Reflection has poor documentation so I decided to gather together all code samples that I used when I wrote my library. I hope this article will help you to save time.

This article contains a collection of recipes for Kotlin Reflection. You can find and play with all samples from the article in my Github repository.

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AWS AI Services Can Help You Improve Your Foreign Language

AWS provides several Artificial Intelligence (AI) services. With AI services, you could implement some useful AI things: image and video analysis, document analysis, text to speech or speech to text translation, and so on. However, these AWS services can be used not only for enterprise applications but also for your self-development applications.

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Working With ClickHouse From Spring Data Using MySql Driver

Some time ago I got a task to write a service that inserts data into ClickHouse. My team uses Kotlin and Spring Framework so I decided to try Spring Data JDBC as ORM framework for ClickHouse. After some research, I found that ClickHouse has a MySql interface. Thus, probably, Spring Data JDBC is able to communicate with ClickHouse using MySql driver.

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